Energy-Efficient Hybrid Pools That Save Money & Our Precious Resources Every Day

Energy efficiency has arrived for swimming pools and spas. Allow us to design and build you the most energy-efficient swimming pool available. We will utilize today's newest technologies combined with our extensive knowledge and expertise to build a truly beautiful pool that will save you money month to month in operating costs.

Reduce your new pool operating costs by up to 70% with our super-efficient pools and pool systems. Not only does this help conserve energy, but it also saves money every day. With our "Gold" pool design and construction savings are realized in the following ways:

• Save up to 6,000 Gallons per Year (500 Gallons per Month)
• Save between 50%-70% of Your Electric and Gas Expenses
• Cut Your Chemical Usage 50%
• Utilizing our eco-friendly roof top solar water warming system with an average cost pay back of 2 years

• Reduce Electrical consumption with LED Lighting by 75%
• Reduce Electrical consumption and Noise Pollution with a Quiet Variable Speed Circulation Pump.
• Program Your Energy Usage with a State-of-the-Art Electronic Controller
• Maximum Safety when the pool cover is closed